DisabledCommunity.Org’s Board of Directors is moving toward our goal of supporting the goals and vision of a Pain Free Clinic.

On May 16, 2018, three new members joined the DCO Board: Jennifer Bezjak (Vice-President), Beth Gram (Treasurer) and Emily Leap (General Board Member). These new board members have joined with Nikola Zunic, President and Lori Guidos, Executive Director to administer Pain Free Clinic — a sponsored project of DisabledCommunity.Org(DCO).

At this Board meeting, DisabledCommunity.Org’s mission was discussed and re-defined “to provide a support network of services, education & employment for medical providers who serve people in pain and their communities”.

Pain Free Clinic’s mission was also discussed and it was determined that Pain Free Clinic’s mission is to treat individuals struggling with pain, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

A new website for Pain Free Clinic was established to provide pain management services and the DisabledCommunity.Org website is now re-focused to provide administrative support to donors and medical practitioners participating in Pain Free Clinic.