Starting Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice — Fall, 2017

I am planning on opening DisabledCommunity.Org clinic in the Fall in San Francisco.

I have been studying at the American College of Chinese Medicine for
many years now. I graduated with my certificate in Asian bodywork in 2011.
Then I returned to ACTCM in 2013 for my Masters Degree — studying acupuncture
and herbs as well as moxabustion, cupping and gua sha therapies.

I have trained in the clinic with Dr. Daniel Jiao and Dr. Stanley Leong and Erin Reilly LAc.
I have also trained in auricular medicine with Dr. Pam Olton and was trained by Jonathon Wheeler
at the California Institute of Integral Studies Ear Clinic.

I am ready to begin my own practice.

If you or anyone you know is interested in treatment in tradtional Chinese medicine, please have
them contact me.




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